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Binary to Decimal Converter Online

Binary is a number system that uses only two digits, 0 and 1, to represent all its values. In contrast, the decimal number system, which is the most commonly used number system, uses ten digits, 0-9, to represent its values. Therefore, it may be necessary to convert binary numbers to decimal numbers for various reasons.

This binary to decimal converter tool allows users to input a binary number and then convert it to its decimal equivalent.

Binary to Decimal Converter




How Decimal Numbers to Binary Tool works:

The user inputs a binary number in the binary input field.

The user clicks the “Convert” button, which triggers the JavaScript function “convert()”.

The function gets the input value of the binary input field and then uses a for loop to iterate through the binary digits.
For each digit encountered, if it is 1, the function adds 2 to the power of the digit’s index (starting from the rightmost digit)

The final decimal value is then displayed in the decimal output field and you can check the complete Decimal Table also.

Decimal Numbers to binary Example:

If the user inputs the binary number “1101” and clicks the convert button, the decimal output field will show “13” which is the decimal equivalent of the binary number.

Note: This code snippet is a simple example and you may want to include some more validation and error handling in your implementation.

Also, This is unique way of implementing binary to decimal converter, it uses reverse iteration to get the decimal value and optimize the process.

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